I choose for this day to be all that it has ever meant to be.
 I choose to stop looking for meaning and significance in all the tomorrows,
I choose today to remain mindful that I have all I will ever need, anything more only compliments the day.
And just for today…..

17 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by Rousseau.

    the savage lives within himself while social man lives outside himself and can only live in the opinion of others, so that he seems to receive the feeling of his own existence only from the judgement of others concerning him

      • Part of my first university degree (ancient and medieval history and archaeology) was political thought. It was in the third ie final year. I really enjoyed it. Not something I would ever have thought about but it was great, we went from Greek philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, through medieval ones, eg Machiavelli, then to enlightenment – Rousseau, and onto Russian anarchists, eg Bakunin.

        Most of our Rousseau was concentrated around The Social Contract, but this quote was from the Discourse on the Origin of Inequality.

        To me, that Rousseau quote says so much about validation, self-esteem, societal values, and inner confidence and values. As does your quote. Mirror images, if quotes can be that. Just that R’s is a few hundred years older 😀 I’ve always been able to recite it off by heart, it stuck with me so strongly. There is another good one about the devil, not a Rousseau one, must try and remember that for another post.

        • I took an ancient history class where the class year was divided up by mythologies. Was absolutely one of my favorite classes. I have always been much fascinated with the similarities in the morals.

          The validation received by sharing mirrored quotes, kindred beliefs, is an empowering one I count on. When the empowerment comes via a friend it has even much more impact.
          Thanks again for sharing.

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