My Six Word Saturday Novemeber 24, 2012

Cover of "Seventh Sojourn"

Cover of Seventh Sojourn

Six Word Saturday

 { describing an aspect of my life in six words.}

Nostalgic Dreams Bring Hope Closer Yet.

In Complete Trust ~  Faith In You

The Moody Blues from their Seventh Sojourn album


42 thoughts on “My Six Word Saturday Novemeber 24, 2012

  1. Thought a new thread was required!

    No idea about your parents music! Or American billboard music tbh.

    I used to love Radio Luxermbourg.

    Read New Musical Express and NME. First thing in school was to discuss what we had read 😀

    Itchycoo was the version I hit on, depends, some have a long intro, others don’t. Tried it again today and he was there again pretty fast (although moody blues, pink floyd and those awful bee gees are his spec!)

    got totally distracted now with Stayin Alive…

    I may write a blog post about it 😀

    Always happy to chat music, but know, I am no expert. Just know a few esoterics. And mostly British ones at that.

    • Well Moody I am tardy..
      Stepped off the blog world yesterday so am just now catching up.
      So fascinating to me that although different parts of the world we did things that so mirrored one another. I am smiling that you did the radio trivia as well at school. It was a fine Beginning Education for a young mind who was not easily influenced, various genres would not have been possible without.the radio. Now today I rarely listen to it but then thrived with it.

      I can relate to your partners choices except the BeeGees.They have never done a thing for me. Not a group I do, In fact I tried to miss the whole disco era.

      Nothing against them or their sound, But Pink, the Moody’s, Chicago, The Who… i find they still resonate with me today.which is a good thing when I think about the monies invested in my music. So its an investment thankfully.

      Taking a look in my music library would reveal too that I am a UK music buff. Most, if not say 85% of my music comes from that side of the pond. Cannot help when you hear good things where they come from matters none.
      I am no expert either so having someone who is just as passionate is the gift.Thanks friend~

  2. Thank you for this great musical memory.

    Saw the Moodies in concert quite a few years ago. An incredible group without a flaw. They sound as masterful in concert as in a studio.

    This group is one of a very few who recorded LPs to flow from one selection to another far surpassing their 45s, and yet their 45s were like no others.

    I have always maintained, the Moody Blues created their own genre of music. There is nothing like closing your eyes in a darkened room, listening as every note filters from beginning to end, without interruption from a Moodies LP, and your ears feast on a musical gift.


    Cordially, As always….

    • So glad Dave that for you this was a great memory prompt. I could not hear a single note of any of their tunes (and think I know them all well) without a stirring memory of my own.
      As you point how one track will meld right into the next is one of heir charms. I was so delighted when FM radio stated playing the long versions of their music, whole shows dedicated to entire albums played out,. as the Moody’s should always be listened to.
      ‘Often the Moody’s take me away to “On The Threshold of a Dream” where I ask myself ” Are You Sitting Comfortably”? Letting Merlin cast his spell with The Question and we shall discover there is nothing we need,
      Cannot resist reciting them when I get the chance. Some people memorize poetry & quotes… I memorize music trivia & lyrics. 🙂
      Whether it be in a quiet room alone, a few close friends & a sandy beach with speakers from the car, or a concert with thousands of fans all singing the same music (seen them 3 times, last x 2002) their stories always casting their spells on this Baroness.since 1967.
      How true that they are their own separate genre, no one like them at any time, then or now,
      They are the spiritual music makers of my life, speaking all things universal .~ Thanks Dave for this chat, they are.always good ones with you my friend~.

      • We are assuredly on the same page as I wore out, On The Threshold Of A Dream, not once but, twice only to re-buy. No doubt a brilliant masterpiece!

        Is all okay with you? Noticed you followed, again. Hope you’re okay.

        As always, Cordially…

        • Hello Groovy Dave~
          A delight to see your lovely peace sign telling me Dave has been. around.

          I should replace my vinyls I’m sure but truth be told there is a certain ambiance I take from hearing :all the stories I put in those grooves by playing over and over..Something to be said about he memories.

          You are a thoughtful friend to ask after me Dear Dave,Thank you, I am good. It is WordPress who seems to have a bug. So you know I am not receiving new posts and comment alerts from my follows.. No matter what I have done on my end it has been to no avail. Alas I have now a trouble ticket with the WP, staff keep fingers crossed for me will you please?

          My wish is that this note find all well with you too this hump day of our week. Take care and please keep up that brilliant smile felt through your comments and posts.~

    • Well, N* coming & finding a comment from you. Thank you dear girl for taking the time. I am humbled by you my ~
      All is well N? With you & D?
      I have just discovered I am STILL having all alert notification issues Feels like my entire blogging family has stropped writing. Heaven forbid! LOL.//.

    • That is a great tune too roughseas, There are so many on SS that I like, The whole story if you will. I have been listening to it today and am reminded of the hopes and dreams my generation (think I am older than you) held so close to their hearts.
      Musically The Moody’s have always done something to and for me, their BIG Orchestrated sounds let me combine my love of orchestra & symphony with classic Rock n Roll.
      Thanks for stopping by roushseas ~

      • Quite right. The whole story. Both my partner and myself had SS before we even met. What a wonderful LP, every single song is special. I played For my lady, endlessly. May strike a chord with you and G.

        We are mid 50s. Not too much of a gen gap I don’t think.

        Maybe that’s why I liked them too. As for orchestras, symphonies, I could bore for Britain on that 😀

        • We are of the same generation. I thought different only n terms by me being older. But If any only a year or two, (I am 57)
          So delighted roughseas to know a sister Moody fan. Until you run into one you think you are a dying breed.
          Cannot think of tune of theirs I do not like off-hand. Days of Futures Past is my favorite album, have it on now.
          It is one of the great things in my mind about the Moody’s recordings and their concerts They do tell a story with their lyrics which seems to carry out through their albums. Realizing they are not the only band of the era to do this I will add there is always something intrinsic I find about the Moody’s messages that have always struck a deep chord with myself ~

          • A year older than my partner, a few years more than me. What’s a few years in your fifties? At least we are still alive.

            My partner had DoFP too, his albums disappeared when he left home 😦 so the only LP collection we have now is mine.

            So you don’t just have a Moody sis, you have a Moody bro too 🙂 I played the song, and he got band, title, and words immediately. We both sang along. Maybe living in a land of make believe?

            • You made my weekend roughseas!! We will have to create a nickname for you then because roughsea is too.-.too. much for a Moody Sister to call her sister. If I may say? You should help me find one You may not like a nick name I choose. I am notorious for nick naming people I am fond of. The last friend I nick named is now toting “Commando” attached to her first name.
              I love that you & your partner play the Name That Tune, Name that Band, and then do you all add the year it was released too? Maybe recording label too?
              . Rock n Rollers after my own heart. Tell me please in how many notes did your partner get the tune? 😉 Could not resist asking.

              Thanks again roufgseas,, I always enjoy our chats~

              • Always happy to make people smile in spite of the roughseas. Trouble is, I like the pseudonyms that hint at a little trouble under the calm waters, (or the clouds moving in) because that’s me and it warns people in advance. You could just go for Moody Sis I guess, cos that would be pretty accurate too 😀

                We do years sometimes, he is better on that than I am. We’re both usually out by a year anyway. We haven’t done recording label. I would be better at that on singles I guess as I still have my 45s. That one would be fairly easy as they were mostly Decca or Parlaphone.

                I’m not actually that into pop music. Honestly! I’m much better at naming Beethoven’s piano concertos.

                Probably about five, basically as long as it took to register because it is a fast tempo. He just looked at me patronisingly and said ‘Moody Blues.’ I didn’t dare ask him for the album or the song after that, especially when he started singing 😀 He got ItchyCoo Park really quickly the other day too. Probably on about three notes (slower, yes?). What else did we do? Nancy Sinatra – these boots, about four, you know, duh, duh der der, Dusty Springfield, Son of a Preacher Man, slightly longer. You can tell I was flicking on the youtube similar songs suggestions!!

                • Okay then Moody-Sis it shall be, still sends people a warning my friend .. lol. I rather like that.

                  I enjoy Name that.. and have been doing it since I was old enough to talk, growing up around music.Patsy Cline, Eddy Arnold, Hank Snow, Kitty Wells.. my parents music covers f their day.

                  I also had some friends who we would do a weekly trivia game with one another with trivia garnered off the local radio station and the US Billboard was in 7th grade when I started adding the release date and label to the mix.

                  Doing this all without the aide of the Internet. This was the day where the details usually came through the radio Dj’s as they spun the music, shared the trivia. Some trade paper periodicals were available but never had what we were looking for.

                  ItchyCoo Park in 3? Not bad at all. Bravo your Partner Moody. I especially love music games and am always fascinated when meeting others who are as enamored by the same.
                  I look forward to many chats with you along this line and more in the future. Connecting across the distance through music is an awesome thing.~ Take care friend!

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